Decking Project – Clonmel

Our Decking Job In Clonmel Co. Tipperary using Maintenance Free Recycled Plastic Decking it is Crack and Chip resistant and also Non Slip which is perfect for the harsh Irish Weather and will never rot, Irish Recycled Products have Been using Recycled Plastic for 3 years now and have gained vast experience and knowledge we know how our product reacts to different climates, We also know when to get in Out of the Rain, and pride ourselves on supplying the Best recycled Plastic Products in Ireland.

All Our Maintenance Free Products are hand crafted by our Experts in Shop and delivered to your door fully assembled and with a 25 year Guarantee but believe our product will last a lifetime as it does not biodegrade like Timber,

Just think of all that time wasted on Sanding and Painting when you could be spending it with loved ones or when you finally get a nice day which isn’t very often in Ireland and want to invite friends round for a BBQ but your decking is in no shape to use cause you did not maintain it, That’s why people are choosing Irish Recycled Products Decking Maintenance Free cause the only thing you should have to do on a Fine Day is Enjoy it.

All profiles are 100% recycled plastic, and 100% safe with no maintenance, chipping, cracking, or splinters.

Visit our Decking page to find more information about Our Recycled Plastic Decking.

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