Decking Project Tullamore Part 1: The Problems

This Article will be slightly different from others as this time I was on site to gain experience and knowledge so I can pass on the right information to you so let’s begin.

The Problems?


Upon visiting the site straight away you could see drainage was a problem as the garden was  not level, causing the water to sit at the front of the garden under the decking and at the side of the house. As you can imagine the stagnant water had caused the decking to be susceptible to rot by constantly being submerged in water the sub-structure had started to get weaker due to wet-rot which had started growing significantly on the struts.


Another problem was grip as the deck had become slimy because of algae which is a problem for every Decking material as it can survive mostly anywhere even if the deck is clean it can be bird dropings food anything you can think of can be a source of food for algae so it is recommended at least once a year that you clean your Decking if it is timber be very careful when power washing.


High-pressure streams of water wreak havoc on sun-damaged wood decks. The ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun break down sealers, and then they start to blast apart the actual wood fibres of the Decking. These weakened fibres’ are easily removed by pressure washers; the light-colour wood grain is the wood most susceptible to damage from the pressure washers.

Even composites and recycled plastic require cleaning; power washing is not advised on composites either as it is usually 70% Timber dusts.

100% Recycled Plastic can be power washed as it is waterproof and will not be damaged.


Lack of Sunlight

Moving on and we find our next problem which was visibility and amount of sunlight that could be seen, as the tree on the right side of the picture and bamboo to the left needed to be removed, I will explain how to remove bamboo in Part 2 not for the faint hearted to be honest if it was in my garden I would still pay someone else to remove it rather than do it myself again.


Removing the Decking.

This is the big one although the bamboo was harder, by size it is the big one we had to remove quite a large decking area and the plants to the right of it as our customer wanted to keep them, and we also had to remove the paving and stone sleepers.

As you can see we do not just install decking we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our team we can install a garden drainage system to stop stagnant water, remove plants and trees and unfortunatedecking tullamore photo 06ly for me bamboo.

I am our Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager, My typical day is spent in the office but how can I possibly answer your questions if I don’t know, All of our Team has completed the safe-pass course to allow us to safely be on site giving me the opportunity to better understand what we can and can’t do, yes we can install drainage, yes we can remove and recycle your old decking, and no we cannot remove bamboo,



Please see part 2 for the solutions to all these problems.

Please Visit our Decking page or Contact Us to find more information about Recycled Plastic Decking.

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