Decking Project Tullamore Part 2: The Solutions

I guess right now you’re asking what did they do? Lets dig in and find out.WP_20150310_006

Removing the Decking:
It was quite a large deck to begin with so we began removing it in a controlled fashion in sections, we make sure all timber is recycled so we dismantle the deck in sections using a chainsaw to make it easier to remove and safer not brute force with a sledge although there are some situations which nothing else will do it like a sledge hammer, our sledge even has a Name, yes we named our sledge The Uncle.

The decking boards are removed in sections and the sub-structure is exposed, once removed we start cutting the sub-structure in sections and remove it also the ground underneath was wet and soft in one particular area more than others so we knew this was the place to dig our drainage pit as the water naturally wanted to flow to this location.

We Began By digging across the middle of the garden just in front of where the decking will begin, to allow us to install our drainage pipe which has perforated holes to allow water enter and flow down it to your soak away pit ensuring a dry and pleasant garden no more mucky puddles from stagnant water.

The drainage pipe was placed in front of the proposed decking area then went along the angle underneath the decking where it was covered in stone chippings and soil the drainage pipe must always be sloped downwards for water to flow into your soak away pit which is normally 1m x 1m and filled with gravel to allow the rain water to fill it then soak away over time.

Obstructed View:

The view out from the Montessori was obstructed by several bushes which we removed we started by removing two plant on the right which our client wanted to keep so we carefully excavated them and set them aside to be planted later on, also the concrete edging needed to be removed nothing the sledge couldn’t handle.

The Bamboo:
I feel this needed to be highlighted, if you have read my previous post Part 1 the problems, you will have seen I may have mentioned bamboo maybe once! It’s quite simple the solution, pay someone else to remove it, get a digger, or just move house! Ok I am exaggerating a little but only about the moving house!

It is extremely hard to remove bamboo as its roots grow everywhere not just down but left, right, up and over, creating a mesh like system making it very strong each of us had a go at removing it was slow work removing possibly a 20cm patch in 1hr yes it’s that hard! Eventually I got a system going using a pickaxe the trick was not to go to deep as it would get stuck, but half way in and push it up then fully in and push up eventually weakening the roots it was a slow process but after 1hr I managed to completely remove it, if your reading this thinking it’s not that hard please by all means please give it a try!

The sub-structure:
We had removed all unwanted items and got the ground ready for our supports to be laid as our supports had to be a certain height we dug out the soil to lay them as you can see we have the straight beams being supported by packers at intervals and crossbeams for added support ensuring a deck that will last forever, we began setting up our supports to lay our Recycled Plastic Decking Boards on, once all measurements were taken and we had the supports level we could them lay our decking boards, Part 3 will be the finished product so stay tuned as this is a huge project not to be missed.

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