Gazebo Project Mullingar

We Recently completed our Gazebo Project in Mullingar it was quit the challenge you might say well why it’s just a gazebo and if you were using Timber it would be easy, but because recycled plastic has different load capacity, also its expansion and contraction rate is different than that of its timber counterpart all things must be calculated perfectly also in typical fashion the Irish weather did not hold up which did hold us back a little but we prevailed none the less,

We also built 3 trellis planters, I must say they look exceptional you can see them below in our gallery.

We put lots of time into planning and testing before the final product is ready to be constructed, The same as supermarkets strive to make the cheapest product it’s no different when it comes to recycled plastic company’s but we refuse cut corners we use heavier profiles than other recycling company’s insuring our products wont just last the 25 years we guarantee but will still be usable and in relatively good condition, it was a great experience for our Manufacturers and challenging too but with time, effort, and pride in their work,

The Gazebo was completed every inch of it using 100% recycled plastic even the roof tiles and couldn’t look better, We here at Irish Recycled Products always try to push ourselves to be innovative and creative and meet a challenge head on we are one of Irelands Biggest Suppliers of Recycled Plastic Products and that’s down to good workmanship and great Customers.

All profiles are 100% recycled plastic, and 100% safe with no maintenance, chipping, cracking, or splinters.

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