How to get Decking for your Home , School or Business?

It’s quite simple really, you can contact one of our sales team by phone or email anytime between 9am – 5.30pm we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about or Non Slip Recycled Plastic Decking after a brief conversation,

We would then hope to arrange a day which suits to visit the School or Business to assess the area check ground condition and take measurements as you can see below one of our recent call outs which we have assessed and will follow up with a quote based on size and ground condition and support needed to ensure a safe and strong Deck.

The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Decking.

Our Decking is made entirely of 100% Recycled Plastic and is completely Maintenance Free with grooves for outstanding grip and the aesthetic look of timber. It comes with a 20 year no quibble guarantee and because of its strength and durability we reckon you’ll never need it, it is waterproof and does not soak moisture thus deflecting any rot or fungi, also chip and crack resistant and will never need painting, sanding or any form of treatment once laid it will never have to be replaced.

Please Visit our Decking page or Contact Us to find more information about Recycled Plastic Decking.

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