Knowledge is Power!

Written by
Reece O’Sullivan

Our Raised Bed Project in Gael Scoil ui riordain Ballincolig, I Promise this rant won’t be long, Raised Beds are Perfect for teaching School Kids or anyone for that matter the value of planting and growing your own crops as well as responsibility for something other than yourself, As technology greatly enhances our knowledge and connectivity some things get lost along the way,

Even something as simple as growing your own food and becoming sustainable without the need of your local supermarket, Don’t get me wrong I am for lack of a better word a Geek when it comes to technology just can’t get enough but often thought if something was to go wrong and the internet no longer existed or a Solar Flare knocked out all infrastructure what knowledge would I have to survive or offer to someone,

The problem with my generation and I will be the first to admit this is we rely on the cloud for information a server somewhere with the information we need if disconnected we are on our own instead of reading a book we ask Google and so information has become less valuable as its always on demand,

so if just one Person takes a real interest in horticulture they might pass their information on and thus keeping the knowledge alive for years to come and as long as they are alive we believe our Raised Beds will be too all Irish Recycled Products are 100% Recycled Plastic will not rot, crack or splinter are weather proof and will not leach toxic chemicals into the soil,

When using Google the information goes in and out within days, So next time you have a question ask your Parents, Grandparents, refer to a book, you might gain a lot more knowledge from someone who has experience than you know as you will associate the information with a memory.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Garvey

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