Banagher Railway Bar

New Beer Garden refurbished with outdoor recycled plastic products


Simon & Kate Lyons of The Railway Bar, Banagher had recently refurbished their beer garden and were looking to furnish it for customer use. They needed the garden to be low maintenance as they didn’t have the time to constantly keep the garden in good condition.

The Challenges

As in the case with most independently owned businesses in this economy, money was a big issue, Simon & Kate wanted to keep the project as affordable as possible. Also, as the beer garden is open to the elements, they wanted a product which would stand up to the infamous Irish weather.

The Solution

They initially called into the “Workshop” to consult with the team here at Irish Recycled Products. Simon & Kate wanted the garden to be modern, stylish and unique. It was for this reason that they chose to use our Recycled Plastic Products for their beer garden. After a call out to the location a plan was drawn. The picnic tables and seating supports were constructed in the workshop to save time. The rest was done onsite in one day as shown in the short video clip. All work was done by Irish Recycled Products with 100% recycled plastic. The planters were added to compliment the area. The seating on the wall keeps with the railway theme of the bar. All profiles and picnic tables are fully recycled plastic, and 100% crack, chip and splinter free. They are also vandal proof and 100% Maintenance Free.

On-Going Benefit

Now the customers of The Railway Bar can sit outside in the lovely sunshine or opt for a dry sheltered area.

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