Maintenance Free Decking – Clonmel

Decking Project – Japanese Zen Garden in Clonmel Co. Tipperary using Recycled Plastic Decking

Non Slip Recycled Plastic Decking installed for our client to be part of his Japanese Zen Garden the Preferred choice over Traditional Timber Decking, once installed there is No Maintenance, I know personally I would not be Zen knowing I had to treat my Timber Decking or replace it.

How Much Does It Decking Cost?

The Question we hear most is how much does it cost? The simple answer, Price is dependent on ground condition and size, so what does that mean? Is your decking being replaced if so we will need to remove it completely, also what supports are needed to ensure we have a level site to begin constructing our sub – structure, and finally overall size of the project.We would be more than happy to call on site to assess the area and ensure you get an accurate quotation.

How long does it take to install Recycled Plastic Decking?

This Particular Project was completed by our Specialists in one day, all Decking project install times depend on ground condition and size,If you think your Timber Decking needs replacing please contact us today.

Please Visit our Decking page or Contact Us to find more information about Recycled Plastic Decking.


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