Decking project – Birr, Co.Offaly

Non Slip Recycled Plastic Decking

Non Slip Recycled Plastic Decking for one of our Clients in Birr Co. Offaly, It was installed on an uneven surface 2 years ago and still looks as good as the day it was first laid, All our Products are waterproof they will not soak moisture and can be wiped completely dry in Seconds, No Maintenance, Sanding, painting or treatment of any kind has been used on our Decking and never will, it is chip and crack proof even better will never rot.

Why use Non Slip Recycled plastic decking:

Every year people spend huge amounts of time and money replacing there decaying Timber Decking or sanding, painting just to have to do it again next year or the year after, a continues cycle of wasting precious time and money.

Our client realised this and decided to opt for Non Slip Recycled Plastic Decking instead of Traditional Timber Decking and has never looked back continuing with Recycled Plastic Planters, Benches, Gates and Raised beds all of which saves money and the environment, but the biggest change, is the time they have saved one thing which cannot be replaced,

In Ireland the weather is always changing and fine days are hard to come by so why waste them working on Timber Decking spend it Enjoying the sun with the family and friends on your Recycled Plastic Decking which will last a lifetime letting you spend yours enjoying it.

Please Visit our Decking page or Contact Us to find more information about Recycled Plastic Decking.


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