Replacing your old Raised Beds

Camross, Co. Laois | Replacing Timber Raised Beds |


Our recent raised beds project in Camross village where we installed 4 Maintenance Free Raised Beds for our client, we started by taking measurements for replacement Raised Beds once taken we could then supply an accurate quote in this case our client wanted us to remove the old timber raised beds.

raised beds

Why did the raised beds need replacing?

The Timber Raised Beds had been there for 8yrs and were completely unfit for use as they had decayed over time because of wet rot caused by the damp conditions which is very common in Ireland with our climate offering the perfect conditions for the fungus that causes rot.

The Solution

Simple our Maintenance Free Raised Beds are the perfect solution for your gardening needs as it is chip, crack and waterproof are Non-Toxic and insect proof, we offer a 20yr guarantee with our products but as they will never rot you should never ever need to replace them again in your lifetime.

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