Self Draining Blocks

Self Draining Blocks offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional surfacing solutions for outdoor areas. They are designed to prevent ground erosion, which can cause long-term damage to a site and requires costly maintenance. They drain excess water from surfaces and return it to the water table, allowing you to conserve water and reducing the risk of flooding. This makes them perfect for incorporating into Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) strategies.

Our self draining blocks are constructed using a lightweight modular grid system, which is quick and easy to fit and will save you a lot of money in installation costs. The blocks will also save you money in the long term, because they’re resistant to frost and UV rays and are made with durable 100% recycled plastic. This means they’ll last for years and are maintenance free.

330mm x 330mm x 40mm each
(9 x SDB per square metre)
One Pallet – 56 square meters

Our self draining blocks can be filled with grass or gravel, so you can drive or walk over them safely. This also means that they blend perfectly with the surrounding area, which is particularly important for heritage and recreational facilities that aim to create beautiful surroundings for their customers and service users.

Self draining blocks can be used:

  • To create overflow parking for your business or facility, and even for your home.
  • To improve access for emergency vehicles with emergency access lanes.
  • On private driveways and public pathways.
  • To stabilise verges.
  • For recreational facilities, including golf buggy paths and cycle lanes
  • To prevent land erosion in rural and heritage areas caused by walking, cycling, vehicle and animal use.

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