Maintenance Free Raised Beds – Dublin

Delivery to Dublin of Our Maintenance Free raised beds, Our garden raised beds are designed to give you the greatest opportunity to get creative in the garden. They come in small, medium and large versions, 4 and in single, double, and triple tiers of height. We can make a bespoke version on request. Made from 100 % recycled plastic will never rot and recycled plastic (Plastic Timber) won’t splinter, crack or absorb water, so no loss of moisture to the soil will be experienced. No chemicals from the HDPE recycled plastic used will leech into the soil.

Recycled plastic Raised beds are perfect for growing flowers, soft fruits or vegetables and make an attractive as well as a practical addition to any garden. We have taken great care to ensure that our raised beds blend perfectly into your garden and both the black and brown options are designed to be a harmonious addition to you outdoor space.

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Recent Project – Decking and Raised Beds Dublin

This recent project of installing raised beds and replacing an old decking structure was a good days work with some help from the weather.

The staggered recycled plastic raised beds are beautifully designed and will last for many years to come providing plenty of space for plants and shrubbery.

When paired with the decking refurbishment and planter wall this garden is transformed into an eco-friendly heaven for the owners now knowing that they can focus on their horticultural hobbies without having to fuss about yearly maintenance.

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Autumn Photo Competition

Win ! recycled plastic raised beds.

Autumn photo competition has  started ,  every autumn we decide to have a competition in which you can win  two maintenance free raised beds one for your own garden & one for your local school, made from recycled plastic that will serve for 50 years in the garden for growing vegetables . To take part in the competition all you have to do is send us a photo of your garden with old raised bed and fill out a short form. At the end of the competition the team at Irish recycled products will judge & notify winner. Please check link below to entry competition.

Decking Project Tullamore Part 1: The Problems

This Article will be slightly different from others as this time I was on site to gain experience and knowledge so I can pass on the right information to you so let’s begin.

The Problems?


Upon visiting the site straight away you could see drainage was a problem as the garden was  not level, causing the water to sit at the front of the garden under the decking and at the side of the house. As you can imagine the stagnant water had caused the decking to be susceptible to rot by constantly being submerged in water the sub-structure had started to get weaker due to wet-rot which had started growing significantly on the struts.

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Replacing your old Raised Beds

Camross, Co. Laois | Replacing Timber Raised Beds |


Our recent raised beds project in Camross village where we installed 4 Maintenance Free Raised Beds for our client, we started by taking measurements for replacement Raised Beds once taken we could then supply an accurate quote in this case our client wanted us to remove the old timber raised beds.

raised beds

Why did the raised beds need replacing?

The Timber Raised Beds had been there for 8yrs and were completely unfit for use as they had decayed over time because of wet rot caused by the damp conditions which is very common in Ireland with our climate offering the perfect conditions for the fungus that causes rot.

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Raised Beds – How Much Soil Do I Need?

Raised Beds – Soil Depth Requirementsraised bed 8

A frequent question we receive in our store is “How tall a raised bed do I need to grow vegetables?”

The ideal height for a raised bed is a matter of preference for gardeners. Considerations include the cost of raised beds, the condition of the soil beneath the bed, soil depth requirements for the intended crop, and especially important to mature gardeners, how much bending over you want to do.

Container gardening also requires gardeners to understand the rooting requirements of different crops. Since gardening containers and planters have bottoms, the soil depth is limited.

These considerations are discussed in the article below, with charts showing the rooting depths needed for different vegetables and the sizes of plants at maturity, which helps to determine the location and spacing of seeds and transplants.
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Beginners guide to Gardening.

 How to start a Garden!

how to start a garden


Spring is a good time to begin growing and digging, although planning can take place before the snow melts. Gardeners spend most of the summer watering, weeding, and watching young plants grow. Fall is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, and some perennials.

  1. Get an idea. Is this going to be a vegetable garden? An herb garden? A flower garden? If you choose to grow flowers, do you want annuals, which you must replant each year but which give colour most of the summer? Or do you prefer perennials, which have a shorter bloom time but come back year after year? You can mix any of the above — after all, it’s your garden. Just one bit of advice: Start small. It’s better to succeed just a little, than to fail grandly.
  2. Pick a place. Almost all vegetables and most flowers need about six hours of full sun each day. Spend a day in your chosen spot and watch how the sun moves across the space. It might receive more sun than you think. But don’t despair if your lot is largely sunless; many plants tolerate shade. Check plant tags or ask the staff at your local garden centre to find out how much sun a plant requires.

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Delivery of Maintenance Free Garden Furniture And Tongue & Groove Boards.

Busy day today carrying out deliveries in the Dublin area including our Best-Selling Tongue and groove boards, They are Rot proof, Insect Proof, chip and crack proof and best of all our Tongue and Groove Boards are Maintenance Free while still Aesthetically Attractive.

We then delivered Garden Furniture to a local Primary School in Offaly where the staff was delighted as the Pupils will make great use of the Picnic Tables made from 100% recycled plastic and are also vandal proof gone are the days of (Woz Ere) all our Garden Furniture is Maintenance Free will never rot and comes with a 20yr Guarantee.

We also met with some new clients and showcased our products and quoted for Raised Beds in Daingean national school Offaly, Perfect for teaching school kids the value of growing your own veg with our Maintenance Free Raised Beds

So keep checking our blog for updates as we could be in your area if you’re looking to get a quote for your Decking, Stables ,Gates or Raised Beds give us a call.

Knowledge is Power!

Written by
Reece O’Sullivan

Our Raised Bed Project in Gael Scoil ui riordain Ballincolig, I Promise this rant won’t be long, Raised Beds are Perfect for teaching School Kids or anyone for that matter the value of planting and growing your own crops as well as responsibility for something other than yourself, As technology greatly enhances our knowledge and connectivity some things get lost along the way,

Even something as simple as growing your own food and becoming sustainable without the need of your local supermarket, Don’t get me wrong I am for lack of a better word a Geek when it comes to technology just can’t get enough but often thought if something was to go wrong and the internet no longer existed or a Solar Flare knocked out all infrastructure what knowledge would I have to survive or offer to someone,

The problem with my generation and I will be the first to admit this is we rely on the cloud for information a server somewhere with the information we need if disconnected we are on our own instead of reading a book we ask Google and so information has become less valuable as its always on demand,

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