Why Raised Beds Are Better For Growing Vegetables

Why use Recycled Plastic Raised beds ?: Our Raised beds are made from 100% Recycled (HDPE) plastic using our best selling Tongue & Groove Boards which will never leach chemicals or rot and comes with a 20yr guarantee perfect investment for your gardening needs and great for the environment, keeps out pests and are perfect for drainage, Our Raised Beds are available in all sizes and shapes and can be made to customer specification.

Raised Beds - Image 2Raised Beds - Image 5

Use a good mix of soil: Using the right mix of soil is paramount to the growth of your veggies and flowers the mix depends on what you intend to grow, The great thing about raised beds is you can use a different mixture in one half to suit your needs and another in the rest, making sure you have rich soil for your plants to grow it is also perfect when using plant feed that all feed goes where and how you want it.

Price of Recycled Plastic (Plastic Timber) Raised Beds Over Timber: Our Maintenance Free Raised Beds will last a lifetime and will never get weather damage or rot and will never need replacing from natural causes most timber will eventually start to rot ours will not so why take the chance buy once from Irish Recycled Products and save for a lifetime.

Visit our Raised Beds page for prices and more info or Contact us today and find out how we can create bespoke Raised Bed that will suit your needs..

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